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     A Photo Gallery of  2002 Festivities   (click on photos for enlarged version)

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Cornwall Mayor Brian Sylvester (left) congratulates Massena Town Supervisor Sanford Cook on the occasion of the town's 200th birthday, at the formal Bicentennial Ball on March 2, 2002.
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Massena Mayor Ken Macdonnell joined in honoring Massena on the eve of its Bicentennial, at the formal ball, March 2nd.
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Bicentennial Chairman Doug Huntley welcomes 300 guests
at formal Bicentennial Ball at
St. Joseph's Parish Hall on March 2, 2002.
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Singer Jay Traynor entertains the guests at the Massena Bicentennial Ball, March 2, 2002.
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Jay Traynor & the Joey Thomas Big Band performed the "Sinatra Show" and dancing entertainment during the Bicentennial Ball, March 2nd.
bicent_princesses2.jpg (37081 bytes)
Miss Massena Bicentennial:
Amber Singleton (center),
1st Princess Christina Lynch, 2nd Princess Meghan Corcoran,
3rd Princess Megan Haggett,
4th Princess Emily Smith.
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Saxophonist spotlighted during entertainment by the Joey Thomas Big Band, during the formal Bicentennial Ball on March 2, 2002.
cere_huntley.jpg (17029 bytes)
Bicentennial Chairman Doug Huntley welcomes nearly 1,000 people to official Proclamation Ceremony at Massena High School, on March 3, 2002, the actual birthday.
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Viewing the historical exhibits compiled by teacher Sandy Zappia and her Government students at Massena High School outside the auditorium, before & after Proclamation ceremony on March 3, 2002.
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Massena High School seniors Chris LaVigne (working with teacher Sandy Zappia) and Evan McGuiness prepare the video for the history presentation by Bob LaRue during the Proclamation Ceremony, March 3, 2002.
cere_larue.jpg (21144 bytes)
Local history writer & WMSA News Director Bob LaRue gave a half-hour slide and video presentation on the history of Massena during Proclamation ceremony, March 3, 2002.

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"O Canada," the Canadian national anthem, was led by Carrie Kenney of Massena.
cere_chorus.jpg (28795 bytes)

The Massena High School Women's Chorus performed "America the Beautiful."
cere_cook.jpg (21302 bytes)
Massena Town Supervisor Sandy Cook presented the formal proclamation, noting that "Massena's strength has always been her people," and declaring the official observance of Massena's 200th birthday.
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Kellie Marlowe of Massena was the soloist for the U.S. National Anthem, "The Star Spangled Banner."
cere_signing1.jpg (20620 bytes)

Town Supervisor Sandy Cook signs the official 2002 Massena Bicentennial Proclamation, while Councilman John Murray looks on, March 3, 2002.
cere_singalong.jpg (19301 bytes)

Supervisor Cook & Chairman Huntley lead an impromptu singing of "Happy Birthday, Massena."
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The Proclamation Ceremony on March 3, 2002, Massena's actual birthday, was capped by a giant fireworks display, seen here over Route 37, to celebrate the historic occasion.
cere_signing2.jpg (23449 bytes)
Councilman John Murray signs the official proclamation declaring Massena's 2002 Bicentennial, in the company of Cook, and councilmen Al Nicola and Chuck Raiti.
 cere_fireworks2.jpg (28044 bytes)    
The spectacular fireworks display, presented by the New York Power Authority, was viewed by hundreds.  Some stopped by the roadside, others in parking lots, and some right from their homes.

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